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Nowadays, it is really hard to find a bookmaker website with stability, functionality and confidence. Thanks to the competition between online bookmakers and betting sites, punters are getting the best offers and high odds in the betting sphere.

Although there are too many sportbsook websites on the internet, it’s really hard to find an answer to question “how to find reliable online betting sites”. Which parameters are showing that bookmaker gives confidence to its users? Or will you be able to see bet types that you want? Which deposit and withdrawal options the bookmaker is providing?

Most of the sports betting sites are offering promotions and bonuses to its new members, just to make them stay with their company, so they can deposit more money. But in most cases, when the customer can not get their earnings, or get blocked by the bookie without a reason. That’s why, there are too many aspects that you need to take into consideration, while you making a comparison between the top betting sites.

While their operations running on worldwide, best betting sites are offering the most innovative solutions to make its members’ betting experience more amusing. With the help of modernization works like arbitrage betting, live betting, betting sites are inviting more punters, who like adventure and excitement.

In this review, you will get the opportunity to compare the bookmakers and best gambling sites you can find on the internet, just by the logical parameters that you can rely on.

Betting sites guide

Betting sites guide

First thing first, you need the check out, if the website has an SSL certificate. This is the first step of constructing trust between customer and bookmaker’s website. If there is no SSL certificate on the website, this is means, there are no security measures that can protect your all personal information, card details or your deposits. Usually, best betting sites are using well-protected website and database, just to secure its clients privacy, while they enjoying their bets.

Most of the top betting sites have a gambling regulation authority license, which is known by most of the governments around the world. You can check out the betting sites review websites just to learn, if they are getting regulated or independent, or simply visit the bookmaker’s website and look for the special signs that show, that they are strictly regulated by an authority.

What are betting odds?

The competition between the sports betting sites are getting quite tough, but sometimes, it’s getting profitable for he customers, who are regularly betting on bookmakers. But it is really hard to say exactly, which kind offer would suit best to customer’s needs? You can see a lot of online betting sites that are offering high odds, at the same time they have the highest withdrawal limits (sometimes it may up to 100 Euros, depends on various reasons).

In addition to this, the new betting sites may offer their members high odds. But the industry experts are recommending that you should be avoided the companies that just opened and without any reviews on the internet.

On most of the best football betting sites, which you can find on the web, live betting section is available for all members, who are using the platform. With this live bet parts, bettors can stake their bets for the matches which are going live right now. Also, most of the bookmaker websites are providing the videostreaming of all the live matches on their platform.

New customers offer

In a highly competitive betting market, online betting sites are offering outstanding bonuses and rewards, just to attract new members to their online community. With these bonus programs, the members, who just finished their registration process, are able to get the bonus opportunity, which may up to 130 Euros, depends on the bookie website he chooses.

Most of these welcome bonus programs are available at the time of initial deposit, which may up to 30 days, right after the signup. And right after the first deposit, you can request your bonus from your bookmaker and take the privilege of wagering without any money to spend. That’s why the best gambling sites are using the advantage of bonus and giveaway activities.

Existing customers offers and promotions

Giving a bonus of 130 €
It’s not all about the attract new customers to bring new money to the case, but make the sport betting funny for those, who are already paid for it. Most of the users are getting bored after their first loses, and trying to exit as quickly as they can, just not to lose the amounts that they can not afford.

In most the cases, online betting sites are offering match bonus for their new members, which means %100 bonus for their first deposit to their accounts. Almost all of the bookies giving bonuses in all formats and categories. Also, customer support services are ready for help, in case of an emergency about your bonus or promotion.

Oftenly, bookmaker companies are providing bonuses depending on payment systems that bettors are choosing, while they are depositing their initial balance at the beginning of their registration processes. Consequently, the deposit and withdrawal limits may increase or decrease. In most of the sportsbook websites, minimum deposits are starts from 5 Euros, but it may increase up to 15 Euros, depends on the payment method that member chooses.

Bet mobile & betting apps

With the technology revolution, sports betting sites have started to provide the most innovative solutions for the comfort of the members. Just to make it possible, the biggest companies are developing new solutions and giving the opportunity to follow the newest technologies. While most of the internet users are using their mobile devices to access the internet, companies are creating solutions to adopt all their structures to these operational systems. In order that members can place their bet seven on-the-go, best betting sites are providing mobile application for both ios and android.

As a pioneer of the betting industry, the best football betting sites are giving the opportunity to place live bets on their mobile application, as well as on the mobile website. By the usage of these apps, users are keeping in touch with the best betting sites even when they are not at home or on the computer. That way, users are never getting interrupted by the things that make hem go out of home, and having the privilege off place their bets easily, wherever they are.

Due to the blocking of bookmaker websites in some countries, where the betting and gambling are restricted, best betting sites are trying to keep their customers updated about the new login address that they got after the latest access block to their website. They keep the member informed by the third party websites, which are not related to bookmaker, but writing posts about the bookmakers activities.

betting apps

Casino and bingo

One of the most attractive offers that best gambling sites have, is the casino section that provides all the best slot games, table and card games, also other attractions that a real casino has. All of the top betting sites have a casino, and their users are trying their chances on these games. Also, highly popular and the best betting sites are offering live casino games, in which the real dealers are running the game and give you the feeling that you are in a big casino in Las Vegas.

While the game goes live in the casino, the cameras are streaming all the tables online, and in this way you can track all the games and join to the table you would like to. Most of the highly rated platforms of sports betting sites are giving you the opportunity to chat with croupier, which you never could see in the low ranking bookmaker or gambling website, that just got into betting and gambling industry.

How to choose safe gambling site?

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Just because of the betting sites will create new entities, just to enhance their international market share, it is not possible to say, that only the largest bookmakers are the most trustable ones.

If a bookmakers looks attractive and confident to you, always check out the reviews on various websites and read all the comments on different blogs and forums

Most of the bookies that are on the black list of the bettors, trying to get your attention, just to gain your trust for sustainability. Sometimes this kind of betting sites is deserving a second chance to stay in the game.

Internet is full of industry experts and game masters, who just gave their years to expertise in this betting field. Following these people will keep you stay in touch with the gambling world and get the latest news from the first person. Also, these experts can show you the way in the search of the best and most trustworthy football predictions.

Try to find the number of users of the bookmakers. It is better to keep your work with a platform, which is including millions of users than the others, who have few hundred people who just stayed with them, and maybe having struggle with this decision.

You should consider that, which betting options and sports categories that company allows you to place your bets on. Most of the betting providers are offering only the most popular types of sports. So if you like specific sports like hockey, cricket etc., you should check out first, if the bookie offers you these categories.

If you want to keep your anonymity on the web, you can use cryptocurrency payment systems, which are provided by most of the bookmakers in the betting world. Keep in mind, that always choose the best website that fits your needs, and tries to listen to others just as a suggestion, but not as truth. When it comes to money, the decision is always yours.
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Top betting sites 2019
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